Ed Askew
Little Houses [CS; Summersteps]

Damn, this originally came out in 1997? Because it sounds like every self-centered ____wave kid in the tape game in modern times, squashed together in their bedrooms and forced to compose one titular album. Bary Center and Jerry Paper HAVE to have heard Ed Askew, is what I’m saying. If Ariel Pink really did invent chillwave I think Mr. Askew should get credit for spraying vapors (among other fumes) before it turned into an obi-strip nightmare. He sounds like Lou Reed, too. A lot like Lou Reed. OK he sounds EXACTLY LIKE Lou Reed. That’s not a bad thing either, and his cute lil’ keyboard jams remind me of the Scarface sndtrk. When he whips his harmonica out like a hard… carafe I become even more entranced, ready to rush out and do a ton of research and marry off my eldest sister to this guy. But the truth is, it’s totally killer, also, to just be happy with this-here tape, because Little Houses stands on its own apart from any Askew legend that may or may not have been cultivated over the years. You’re gonna love this fuckin’ guy if you haven’t met him yet, as he accomplishes much with a few synth arpeggios and that aforementioned harmonica. In addition to those influenced by Askew mentioned above, it would also be prudent to catch up on Bobby Trimble, Edward Ka-Spel/Legendary Pink Dots, and Galactic Nightmare before you take this trip. Kick up the dust, kids.

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