Elephant Micah
Globe Rush Progressions [LP; Bluesanct]

Joe O’Connell goes synth! This is the day the folkies turn and boo, cast their aspersions at a man who has long provided a voice for the sullen and dreamy. Now its bathed in electronic heaviness, a man donning thick shades and chastising Donovan. But in his world, this is the new truth. These are the new melodies to match the new words. It’s still the same man, just a different transmission. There are still moments of distant plucks and ancient wisdom (“Marie’s Hair,” “Ever Greener”) but as every society does to the one before it, O’Connell must build on top of all that once stood for his new obelisks to be seen. But lovers of the old—those afraid of change—will wilt at the march of Globe Rush Progressions. Though a wayward collection of lost treasures and never-heard monuments, these are really the flickers of forward momentum of Elephant Micah. They went unheeded, they were left untouched until this moment and for that, we are welcome. Fame has not gone to old Joe’s head, for he still rummages in the basement (“(Timed Being)”) rather than taking drags and typing on an old Woodstock. To be sucked into the doors of perception (“Borneo Reprise”), O’Connell has not betrayed his past for a more favorable future. This is a man we’ve always known, never fearful of speaking his mind. You may scold him in black and white features but when the world goes technicolor, you will be uttering his praises. And apologizing to Sunshine Superman. But if you want the prize, you better grab your part of but 175. Going, going….


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