Emme Ya
Erotognosis: The Voices From the Void [CS; Brave Mysteries]

Erotognosis: The Voices From the Void is another must-hear drone album. You’re sick of hearing that, right? DEAL WITH IT, as the art form rarely presents itself in such ripe form. The first half of Erotognosis is a walking cloud descending into a yawning chasm as slo-mo processional drums mark the occasion. Glad to hear so many dronesmiths coming around to the sound of percussion once again, and if the sub-life chants of Emme Ya’s mega-godz are any indication, it doesn’t take a zillion layers or obnoxious effects to achieve artistic heights both harrowing and subtle. Side A and B bear that point out with equally stimulating yet disparate moods. B is more of a dungeon-clanker, albeit one with more of those eternally watching eyes of audio malice peering through every Sauron-conjuring spell cast. I was never one for those Arrington de Dionyso didgeridoo records, nor did I take to the the eMEGO-by-way-of-IdOrgan Phurpa 2xLP (ooh, just realized Phurp-Phurp also have a release out on label-at-hand Brave Mysteries that I haven’t heard), but their deeeep groans are in play here, along with House Of Low Culture, black-drone, ring wraiths, and a thousand angry shadows. Submit to them.


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