Resolutions [CS; Leaving]

Once this is all washed away and drought comes through, new land will form and harnessing energies will become readily available to the evolved human survivor. Biotechnological implants will grow within the human body, and animals with the same fabricated organs and implants will also evolve. To protect yourself and keep beast-creatures at bay is to arm yourself with a battalion of drums and intricately twisted metals, to form what is called Resolutions. Not only can Resolutions raise a sleeping or even deceased beast, but if played correctly, groups harness the advantage to train the beast in defense. It’s possible to train them in anything, actually: dance, drone-work, transportation, etc. Armies of these traveling groups and creatures could develop and be feasting on land that is fresh and ready for bloom. Yet it’s trounced by greed and disgust. So, listen carefully to your fellow Resolutions while among this land. Learn about your surroundings and make some future beats.

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