Esplendor Geométrico
1980-1981 Prehistoric Sounds - Necrosis En La Poya & More [7-inch box; Munster]

With 1980s records like this, who needs the 2000s? Esplendor Geométrico, if that is their real name, refused to punt innovation down the road for subsequent generations to deal with. They went hard, and they went heavy; cold synth explorations rarely break this much ice. Pop in Prehistoric Sounds - Necrosis En La Poya & More and you can see your breath it’s so fuckin’ frosty, and it’s all about the synths and samples pounding out brittle rhythms as menacing riff-raff — vocal grunting, shooting sub-stars, squealing keys — encircle with guns drawn. All the craziness in the world won’t justify a synth solo, however, and EG are well aware of the pitfalls of overreaching, though they break a lot of eggs on their way to making an omelet out of your splayed brain matter, at times going right over the top and back again. A lot of bands are paying tribute to Esplendor Geométrico without knowing it, to say the least. Suicide, 39 Clocks, Wierd comps, Mike Sniper, other releases on Munster, Dark Entries; shit, I should have led with that. If echo is a god-given right, then is anger truly a gift? In the hands of these young Spanish audio-rebels, yes. Three 7-inches (red, black, clear), a booklet, a thick box, a black-eyed baby (no reason for… no reason for that), and a CD later, and you have yourself one of the best curatorial efforts of the last few years. You will wish you’d of heard this earlier.

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