Recognitions [CS; Avant Archive]

Is it wise to call any band a rock band? Does it just sink one’s hopes and drown them in archaic expectations. Too bad because Eureka, as obtuse as it sounds, is all about the rock. Recognitions is piano balladry broken down to its most fundamentally rocky. Thirteen minute opener “Conception” is ragtime showmanship not in the vein of Jerry Lee Lewis, but you can’t place 50-year-old identifiers on today’s cast of thousands. By today’s standards, this is “Great Balls of Fire.” “Perception” is tense pop-rock; a leg on the amp and a playful chorus away from Ben Folds; “Shatov” a few Cadillac revs away from Andrew W.K. My Bic is at the ready, my heart is full and my ears are ringing. Encore! Encore! Encore!

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