Everday Loneliness
False Validations [LP; Amethyst Sunset]

A wobbly meditation from returning champs, Everyday Loneliness. A name chalk full of musical innuendo and spirit that it brings you down before putting the needle down. But the power of Jon Borges has always been to uplift from areas of self-doubt. Alone moments turned to positive reflection rather than dour recants. Drone has this power, to tap into the psyche and draw from it the strength we need. Whether Borges is a master at such a superpower or just an active pupil in training, False Validations plays with the notion that music is balm even though Borges is applying a thick coat of it to our burnt areas. The album is soothing, comforting. Though it holds up the vibrating mirror, it also casts sounds of encouragement. It’s as if Borges is questioning the source of validating culture by creating a composition that is affirmation after affirmation of the human spirit. By creating “fake” sounds, he realizes something “true” to form about the music format as well as himself (and by proxy, others). And yet for all this projected academia, False Validations is just a very good listen from an artist and label that has been missing, and sometimes longing is all that is needed to make something good even better. Damn it, I just invalidated this whole review by giving in to Borges’ title!


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