Evergreen Refuge
Anima [CS; Auris Apothecary]

Anima may be the most powerful acoustic metal album I’ve ever heard. To be fair, I can count the number of acoustic metal albums I’ve heard on one hand (please pardon the cliche), but this organic rattler goes much deeper than the surface music. Inspired by the Colorado landscape around him, the man known as Evergreen Refuge is very much a conservationist; someone who looks with respect at Mother Nature. Anima is a metallic postcard to that majestic beauty. Featuring the most raw of electric freakouts spliced with relaxing hippie meditations, Evergreen Refuge has a lot of splendor to unmask all on its own. Housed in a beautiful wooden box, it’s almost as if Evergreen Refuge wants to hide its plastic casing. As eco-conscious as a digital-only release could be, it’d be hard to really sink into this without a physical, tangible product from the earth. Which is why linking up with Auris Apothecary to do such an exquisite presentation only fortifies the pro-nature fight of Evergreen Refuge. Yes, it uses earthly materials but pays respect to them. If you happen to have one of the 100 copies of this, you’re not discarding a single piece of it. It’s an art piece, forged from the same materials which inspired Evergreen Refuge’s hardened tribute. And even stripped naked, Anima is just a brutally inspired composition. You don’t need the Colorado countryside to feel kinship with this.


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