Failing Lights
Dawn Undefeated [12-inch; Dekorder]

Another stellar Dekorder joint, Failing Lights’ Dawn Undefeated lends an equal slice to a few different audio-damaging approaches — crickets chirping in the dark, then you hear a twig “SNAP” and a harsh wind sucks you into its spine. Side A plumbs the softer underbelly of noise, where the truly inspiring work seems to be getting done these days. The saws are sanded down, the drills less painful (though, shit, one might argue the surge near the end of “First Made Laws” is very dental), the liquid-rinse at the end more of a cosmic drip than a lightning-bolt attack. Side B is even more subdued. Lonely, subtle tones and an odd drift meander with little resolution until a Skeletor-black cloud drifts over head and rains the-fuck down. A spiritual drone follows. As always, a little patience goes a long way, Failing Lights returning the favor of your attention by taking you places you’ve never been. Nice 45RPM mix, too.

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