Flown [7-inch; self-released]

Brooklyn power trio Flown are creeping out of the woodwork with a heavy, caustic resin of bluesy rock, sludge, metal and post-punk, presenting a music that seems to be equal parts Ut and Black Sabbath. Consisting of guitarist Margot Bianca, bassist Caroline Yes, and drummer Kate Ryan (all sharing vocals), Flown have followed up a physically out-of-print cassette (20 copies – yipes) with a strong seven-inch containing two pieces, “Eyes of God” and “Yearlong Eclipse.” All of this music is also available online, so if you miss out on objects, fret not. The single is beautifully packaged in a tricolor silkscreened folder jacket with a vellum obi strip and an attractive insert.

One can hear the flinty merger of riot grrrl punk and hard psych in the flat-out motor that begins “Eyes of God,” which quickly shifts into pounding sludge with folksy harmonies, banshee wails and bilious distorted vocals in a strange intertwine. Headbanging is pretty much the only appropriate response as the three chant and pound away before returning to a close of Slant 6-like angularity. “Yearlong Eclipse” lilts and shouts along with sinewy, contorted blues-rock moves, enchanting voices theatrically undercut by stomach-churning grit and a murderous abrasion. While certainly a band to experience in the flesh if possible, Flown’s eponymous 45 brilliantly captures their menace, beauty and coiled energy.

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