Fungal Abyss
Bardo Abgrund Temple [CS; Translinguistic Other]

There’s nothing unintentional by the name of Fungal Abyss’ latest. This is a psychedelic burner shot from the devil’s trident into small-club hellholes to rock a nation in need of musical acid. Swirls of heavy colors slowly drown in mud and blood. Take the brown acid; wash it down with a handful of dug-up mushroom, multiple swigs of rum, and OJ; and gargle that shit to get the taste all over your mouth. Then just sit back and let the music do the rest. There are four long-burns and you have nowhere else to be, not when you enter this plane. “Arc of the Covenant” is straight Pond and Comets; “Year of the Bones” is Dead Jefferson Hendrix slowly conjuring flames to burn down the tie-dye shack. You’ll be homeless before you even know the place is ablaze. These four jams need a lot of kindling, but when they start burning, the heat is intense. It’s a whole new world; time to set adrift in the world of Fungal Abyss.


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