Galaxy Toobin’
Galaxy Toobin’ [CS; Not Not Fun]

Audible groans are heard across the space-time-internet continuum. Galaxy Toobin’? Really? But in a bit of a rich but apropos cliché, please do not let the chosen name of Elliot Lipp and William Burnett’s collaboration steer you away from this dutiful delight. The San Andreas creep Not Not Fun has undertaken to transform its once scruffy psychedelic self into a new-new-new wave dance synth label has finally taken hold, and Galaxy Toobin’ is the sort of repetitive kitsch that will win over new fans and old haters alike. Lipp and Burnett may owe much of their sound to 1970s and 80s lo-fi technology, but the end results are only dated by the timestamp of media deliverance. Existing on a plane where ravers aren’t stuck with mind-numbingly loud techno and wallflowers aren’t made of petrified wood, the self-titled from Galaxy Toobin’ grooves with the pulsating energy of an all-night discotheque with just enough Euro chill to keep the party from becoming a mess of sweaty assaults. This once LP is now on cassette for the car rides to the unknown midnight warehouses, your 85 Dodge Omni now its own galactic vehicle fueled with the promises of fleeting love and magnetic synth makeouts.


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