Eiszeit [LP; Dirty Knobby ]

There is an entire genre of music that relies on the missing piece that was GAM’s only record, Eiszeit. Much like the Ice Age from wince its title comes, the glacial moving album sat undiscovered amid a cold, barren landscape upon its 1978 recording. The band shelved the record, became noticeable figures in other arenas of music creation, and then were unearthed by intrepid musical archaeologists in the early Aughts. What was found was the sounds of a scene that birthed both the spiritual vivid and electronic psychedelia that spanned a wide range of folk, rock and experimental music was in line with GAM’s vision, 25 years removed from an album they had never heard and a legend that is just now growing. When Cosmic Egg released Eiszeit on CD in 2004, it became an underground sensation. Now re-released on vinyl by venerable (but quiet) Dirty Knobby, we are part of the expedition that has spanned more than 35 years. Too many bands both before and after GAM to wrap up in this beast of a record, but consider the missing link between the motorik of Germany and the psychedelia of California found. Consider the fusion they created—at first slowly and underground in the 80’s, slowly rising toward the crust in the 90’s, and then dusted off for a whole new generation in the 00’s —sourced from GAM, even if no one knew it existed. Just as new civilizations are unearthed where once nothing existed, so goes Eiszeit. It came before and should not be ignored.


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