Gary Lucas
Music for the Eden Project [7-inch; 5nakefork]

Nothing wrong with Side A; acoustic, finger-lickin’-good string pickin’ and a-pluckin’ and all. But Side B, well, that’s where former Beefheart/Jeff Buckley strongarm Gary Lucas digs deep and comes out as fresh as Steve Hillage was upon leaving Gong. Maybe he’s been listening to a lot of 6OOA, Plante, and Nels Cline, or maybe this is where nature took him; either way, double the dose, because this approach works wonders. It was meant to accompany an exhibit yadda-yadda, but this 7-inch stands firm on its own. I’m not even going to ask whether the “no overdubs” claim on the back-jacket is true; I’m just going to say that if Lucas is ejecting this sort of maelstrom in one take, I’d be hesitant to even trust him with 100 studio hours and 16 tracks. Thick, soupy, these drones are, the sort of spiritual sound a million tape-toters would kill to even approximate. Oh, and remember, there’s also a decent Side A + translucent orange wax.


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