A Silent Stroll On Sombre St. [CS; Constellation Tatsu]

I went through a ton of tapes looking for just the right sound, and A Silent Stroll On Sombre St. was my final destination. It’s one of the best tapes I’ve heard all year, haunting, lilting, droning, evolving, moaning, groaning, and sighing like the gods above or the rock people from The NeverEnding Story. Rarely do bands manage to instill their drifts with as much emotion as Gimu; A Silent Stroll is as vivid as any lyric sheet and as exploratory as a shuttle sent to record alien sounds. And when it comes time to shake the room with authority, Gimu step up to the task and arm their cloud-burst with lovely wave-crashes and drone-speak. It’s easy to scoff at the prospect of yet another must-have drone tape, but don’t take a pass on this one.


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