5th Sun [7-inch; Trensmat]

Curious about Gnod? Allow me to set the mood: a methodical pace sets the tone for blurry rock, as deep, churning guitars melt over string-bending bass on Side A. Psychic Ills mashed atop Religious Knives, or Guardian Alien probing Jennifer Gentle? You do the math; Side B is more of the same, and it all adds up. It’s like a vacuum is sucking all the sounds up, as they’re just out of reach (not to mention crackly like oat bran) no matter how high you turn it up. Some would call it lo-fi, others no-fi; I just call it a damn-good way to gargle away the day’s disappointments. This is an import. Not only that, it’s just about sold out at the source. You know what to do.

Links: Trensmat


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