Goblin Guts
Global Cuts Vol. 1 [CS; Geweih Ritual Documents]

In a classic episode of The Cosby Show, Cliff sits down daughter Vanessa and older suitor Dabnis in a talk about spontaneity and presentation. The dinner table lecture is concluded by saying that, for all of Dabnis’ positive qualities, the method by which Vanessa introduced him to the family was akin to serving the tastiest, most expensive meal on a used-up garbage lid. The care taken in the packaging and design by Geweih Ritual Documents all but eliminates soreness to the eyes, so too does the duo Goblin Guts: painstaking presentation over hideous Cosby sweaters and trash-can relationships. Despite the horrific imagery of the pair’s chosen name, Global Cuts Vol. 1 is a beautiful chain of odd pop sounds presented for an audience both adventurous and naive. Whether the most stalwart noisiest places the tape into their expensive tape deck or some youthful goofball jams it into a leftover Walkman found under her big brother’s bed as the family home downsizes, Global Cuts maintains a variety of found sounds, energetic rhythms, and madcap hijinx to soundtrack the next iteration of Bill Cosby’s magnum opus (with a special guest appearance by Alan Lomax).


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