Ruidos [A Portuguesa] [CS; Discrepant]

Ruidos [A Portuguesa] might end up being my record of the year. How does Gonzo do it? He’s the fuckin’ best, plain and simple, refining the art of World-style sample-snatching/found-sound/collage for yet another mixtape that sounds like nothing, anywhere and yet holds the potential to sound good to everyone, everywhere. It’s remarkable, too, because there’s simply no good time to imbibe audio this demanding of the listener. You can’t study while you pump these jams, nor can you concentrate at work; you can’t jog to it and you damn-well can’t throw down yoga poses to it; so what exactly is Ruidos for? Everything else: Allow its nutrients to nurture you, take the time to let its creepy constructions weave their way into the fabric of your life, stitch by stitch. Rarely will you find such a confluence of original artistic vision and unpredictability wrapped up in the same package, simply aching to be discovered and mined for all its worth. I can barely wrap my mind around the enormity of what Gonzo has accomplished here, much less dissect its baffling contents for you. It might seem like I haven’t done my job as a reviewer but DAMMIT JIM I’m a pool man, not a doctor, and these blurb-style blasts only allow so much in the way of fastidious details. Suffice to say, I’m head over heels for Ruidos [A Portuguesa] and you will be too if you give it the chance to sweep you off your feet. Also: I realize the tape format has served Gonzo well, but can vinyl be too far off for this denizen of the deep end? Forever recommended…

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