No Love [10-inch; Totally Wired]

No Love is a wired, grinding take on post-post-darkwave punk doesn’t make a lot of sense on paper. Intense beats melded with melted synth goo? Cold Cave-y vocals and digital finger-snaps? If you were to propose this album to me in writing, I’d scuttle the whole project and blackball the principle arrangers, but in the hands of Gran the varying elements come together rather convincingly. One of the stranger tumbleweeds to roll past my homestead in a spell, to be sure. At times it sounds like an Esplendor Geométrico nightmare, at others like Kill Me Tomorrow or any number of dance-y, spiky old GSL bands. There’s also the aforementioned darkwave connection, so bear that in mind; the 1980s, such a beast of late, hover over the proceedings like like an impatient ‘tech guy.’ My favorite’s “Easy.” Edition of 500, released on 12-12-12. So there’s that.

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