Händer Som Vårdar
Interiors [CS; Posh Isolation]

Lots of ambient music is dedicated to describing or informing a space, usually with the implication that this space may be a bleeding together of the physical and psychic; the reality of the space and how it feels to exist within that space. Händer Som Vårdar’s Interiors is overtly concerned with this; each track is a feverish amalgamation of constant electronic drone and fuzzy field recordings of people and places. The track titles, like “Morning Room (with 1 sleeping person)” and “Evening Room (alone),” are specific enough to initially make this out as a more straight-forward type of affair. But the trembling synth that opens the album quickly discards that notion, setting the tone as a claustrophobic, uncomfortable, crushing and dense geography of the mind. Only an extremely muffled voice towards the end of the track indicates that the described space may be physical as well as psychic, that we are simultaneously within an actual location and the less-mapped spaces of consciousness. This is music from a first person perspective, attempting to give the same multi-layered, individually contextual experience of a place we each experience daily but grow so accustomed to that it’s largely unacknowledged during our waking hours.


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