Brain Water [CS; MJMJ]

I often feel as if technological advancement is more a curse than a blessing. The benefits far outnumber the negatives, and yet those negatives far out weight the benefits. No one wants to be completely disconnected from the Internet of Things, nor does Brain Water achieve this unplugging with its very technological basis. Yet it makes me feel less apprehensive about being so plugged in and yet non-reliant. I don’t carry my cell phone everywhere. I don’t feel alone with my thoughts and myself without a bright screen blazing in my face. There is no aimless drift when the news of the day, week or month does not pass under my nose for a set period of time. Perhaps HAXXXORS understands. Though the magnificent spatial oddity of Brain Water is silicon bones, its flesh is far more humanoid. It’s not some scary future where we surrender our conscious to the machines, but rather what happens to ourselves when we are surrounded by the creature comforts we quickly erected to showcase our brilliant minds amidst a sea of emotional chaos. Technology has created just as many new problems as it has solved, but technology is often best when coupled with the human touch. So goes Brain Water, a blend of the computerized machinations of our muscled data processors possessing the robotic and clean functionality of technology. In the right hands….and these hands of HAXXXORS are surgical.

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