Hazel’s Wart
Together We Didn’t [LP; Skrot Up]

Shit, I know the most important influences on the Together We Didn’t LP hailed from Seattle circa the early 1990s, but what’s with that opening riff? Are Hazel’s Wart aware that it’s the riff from “You Could Be Mine”? Way out of line, boyz. I forgive ye because thine stabs at a pre-grunge revival hit these ears as fairly promising, also reeking of the old SST stable. The melodic vocals balance out the soft-garbage buzz of the guitars, and the speaker-raping qualities present for much of the record can’t escape a quick mention of… ahhh fuggit, I won’t even go there. Mostly Together We Didn’t just rocks (save for when it’s not; there are a few soundtrack-style flourishes) it’s motherfuckin’ ass off, and I can’t tell you how much I need that in my life right now. Can’t stop; won’t stop; don’t stop.


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