Felt This Way [7-inch; Exiled/Yellow Electric]

Liz Harris goes pop, pulls a Kim Novak and changes her name to Helen (avoid all ‘hear her roar’ in-jokes though the temptation to turn this into Reddy pun is strong). So does her group of similarly-oriented friends, like some cult worshiping the not-so docile strains of Flying Nun. It’s full of vertigo-inducing distortion and angry guitars, yet that icy stare is always present so we know that it’s really Madeleine. Should all these names prove too confusing, let’s go back to the beginning. “Felt this Way” makes me giddy with drowned delight, a simple melody that is uplifted by Harris’ even-keeled voice and Simmons and Bindeman’s grungy accompaniment. Flipside “Dying All the Time” is just as uproarious and unsophisticated—a bad dye job that isn’t hiding anything and the Scottie in all of us could care less, clinging to the feeling of hope and desire brought by this fine miniature circle. So when you hear this for the first time, embrace the fall from the bell tower as Harris has and admit that despite the deceit of Helen, you’ll keep coming back no matter how guilty your conscious. This fall has been long coming and its well worth battling your acrophobia.


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