‘T Orgelorkest [CS; Crooked Tapes]

As if Death were the Earth, to you to me to her to everyone, and dissolving is human’s long pathway toward the next thing. The “next thing” for this cemetery is more than 300 years away, as humans have decided that burying the dead is too primitive, so they’ve turned the area into a miniature forest. An attraction at its best; the biodegraded coffins and decayed bodies have provided unusually speedy and meaty nutrition for the vegetation. ‘T Orgelorkest park thrives on the oxygen, for this world has been depleted of pure air, and society relies on cemetery parks to breathe a bit better. Scattered around cities, churches, and ‘burbs, people suck in the purest air brought to them by the people before their people before family. Long awaited benefits. Death went green. Morbid air lingering as the finite time has come. Humanity cannot escape humans, for existence is as long as it’s spoken/written. And once transcendence through decay becomes beauty and a vantage point for quality life, then peace will be made with the past. Until then: it’s the future.


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