Henry Knollenberg
The Neptune Social Animation, Pt. 2 [CS; 5cm]

Hesitant to combine two rather opposite fellows into one entity, Henry Knollenberg has created an album that is Steven Hawking and Gary Wilson breaking into an animal lab to free lab geese. But the lab is just a psychological projection, and you’re not really wearing any pants and it’s the last day of high school and you’re 43 and balding. It’s the sort of nightmarish subconsciousness that filters itself throughout The Neptune Social Animation, Pt. 2. A strange symphony of half-thoughts and non-sequiturs that quiz the listener about nothing, but the vibrant entertainment of the robotic messaging and rhythmic sway of the electronic melodies lock us in that projected laboratory. We are experimenting on ourselves, Knollenberg providing the musical Rorschach. A real life paranoid android.

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