Seputus/Fatum [7-inch; Black Lake]

I’ve been trying to get the heavies to mosey on over to Cerberus more often, and it’s been tough. One exception is Black Lake Recs and their monstrous Hexis, a metal band afraid of nothing, from death to grind to gangrenous limbs of BM that rot and decay in favor of… you guessed it: death. Seputus/Fatum is a viciously delivered 7-inch with no time for pleasantries, save an isolated Testament breakdown; aside from that, it’s all double-bass and drills to the face, especially the malevolent Side B. I keep returning to the Corrosive Recordings label (Blues, Veil Of Maya) as a reference and must do so again here, because that imprint possessed an assortment of multifaceted metal bands indebted to no one and nowhere, just like Hexis. They drown in a swamp of hiss, and maybe it’s best that we don’t hear too much, as they’d have to slaughter each and every one of us if we ever found out what was going on in their collective head.

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