Hey Mother Death
Hey Mother Death [CS; Self-Released]

Spontaneity is the spice in any relationship. A naughty negligee, role-playing, or producing a tape — all worthwhile foreplay. So it goes from Hey Mother Death, the project of Nova Scotian duo Denma Peisinger and Laurence Strelka. It’s an odd little creation, constructed of pop Papier-mâché and stuck in place by globs of avant theater; Denma and Laurence have been huffing it backstage like it cures a stuffed up nose. The French and English sing-song of their debut EP complements the cinematic textures, be it the grinder glam popped “You Left Me” or the dramatic slowcore descent of “Desert of Trees and Water.” It’s surprisingly svelte for an out-of-thin-air performance trip. It’s weird and wild but never too decadent — two people at ease with their strangeness but not consumed by it. As long as Hey Mother Death produces more oblique ensembles such as deconstructed spoken ballad “Black Monday,” we’ll keep coming back for them. And the face paint? Gotta pick up more of that.


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