Sacred Fire [7-inch; Spleencoffin]

Listen to Heather [Nicole] Young’s latest 7-inch. It makes me ache. It makes me quiver. It’s a brilliant display of her minimal noise techniques, and it’s really her ethereal voice that shines over the guitar squall and distorted electronics. It makes me think of I Abuse Animal, the career defining statement from another Heather (Leigh). Though I would normally caution against a collaboration based on name (see: The Bens), Sacred Fire’s two songs only tease what a primal combination the duo Heathers could provide. Throw in Winona Ryder and we have liftoff! I digress, because “Sacred Fire” speaks volumes for Young’s own talent. A scratchy, rising document that rages as sweat pours from her brow. And yet, B-side “Ghost” upstages it with its quick…and yes, ghostly…wail that truly puts Young’s voice front and center as it has rarely been in her work (solo or as part of Social Junk). Only 300 copies of this charred brilliance — get it from thee deathly gaseous source.

Links: HNY - Spleencoffin


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