Holy Youth
Heavy Bored [CS; Lolipop]

Carrying the same angular jab to the solar plexus as much of Birmingham’s recent “underground” output (no surprise considering the former head of Happenin Records is featured on this), Heavy Bored has my guts and ribs aching. The stick has been rudely extracted from the anus, and my quite stiff self — content to sit in relative comfort as the world goes by — is now no longer a victim of ennui. Holy Youth have packed just enough get-up-and-go that we got up and went. To where and why, well…bored is the impetus for creativity. And considering I’m no longer suffering from a downer, I can’t tell you. It all rushed by in a smear of street signs, open roads, and neighborhoods. Browns, greens, browns, reds, blacks, and blues mixing together into a swirl of doing anything but sitting around. Usually the kick in the pants to abandon boredom is to just point yourself in a direction, and Holy Youth have clearly found a way to turn that idea into roguish melodies that mix punk — past, present, and post — into a vehicle to cure what ails your lazy brains and asses. Yeah, the album’s called Heavy Bored, but I assume Holy Youth have done so in an effort to show you the product of ending the disease. There are numerous remedies, but ordering this cassette is the house call needed to give you just enough motivation to make your own way through the sleepy-eyed monuments to our minefield of self-doubt and fatigue.

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