Honey Radar
Blank Cartoon [LP; What's Your Rupture]

Perennial Cerberus beloved Honey Radar return with a bombastic LP on What’s Y(ou)r Rupture, marking the largest label platform yet for Jason Henn and his cohorts of half-baked garage pop lo-fi static fun. Blank Cartoon is as Pollardian as Henn has gotten at this point, as everything on this record is runaway adderall; a continuous stream of melodic consciousness where songs can expand from a few seconds of an idea into a nearly 4 minute single just as tightly wound and bombastic as those seedlings. But little has changed from the Honey Radar playbook that you’ve studied until this point. Blank Cartoon does not abandon those warped 60’s rock fantasies and the record wobbles on the turntable. What it does do is up the cohesive ante for Honey Radar, where the bursts of creativity are more than just fits, but tangible threads carefully stitched together. Though earlier Honey Radar releases will always keep a place in my heart because of circumstance, there’s little denial that Blank Cartoon is pinnacle H’adar (just trying it out so I can ride these coattails of success, ‘kay). I can’t believe I even found the time to write this review, my attention so divided between record crevices and mop-topped daydreams.


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