Horrible Houses
Family Tapes Vol. 1 [CS; Happenin']

First off, Horrible Houses wins in songs-I-can’t-include-on-a-non-existent-mixtape-about-my-daughter. But the song (NAME WITHHELD) is so funkin’ upbeat (keepin’ it clean for the kiddies) that what doesn’t exist will now appear through the modern devices of a tape deck and old-fashioned record buttons. Which is the fun of the rest of this tape: classic lo-fi garage jangle further degraded by countless sharings as one song is lifted from mixtape to mixtape until it’s a warped Peter Bjorn and John popism that is still catchy in its mangled state. When you realize Horrible Houses come from Sweden, it’s even more kismet. The land of dark metal and buxom blondes dealing out Americana in heavy AM pop doses. The music for a nation of rebels, drunks, trollops, socialites, unctuous gossip bitches (sorry kiddos, can’t always keep it clean), gingers, racists, and sexists being sung to by the perfect species — the blend of light and dark. This isn’t really happening/This is really happening.

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