Horse Marriage
“Pee-Chee” / “I Need to Tell You…” b/w “Lay Your Hands on Me” [7-inch; Avant Archive]

By Jove, those damn Yanks are at it again. Raising their raucous and being a general menace to society — what with their Christian Republicans and comedians-as-politicos. And what’s with their music? They’ve gone through styles so often that it’s a wonder they haven’t adopted recycling more readily considering all the borrowed nostalgia that fills their noggins. But I say, what ‘ave we here!? Those damned boys from Horse Marriage! Those boys run the wonderful Roll Over Rover label and they’ve gone and made and released a 7-inch, featuring the old time rocker “Pee-Chee” from the jolly Eisenhower Interstate? Pee-Chee,” with its classic jangly guitars and open road charge while we’re all stuck on A1 — it’s quite a fist to the ol’ knocker. At least they rekindle their ‘experimental’ hearts with “I Need to Tell You,” a mello-yello’d collage of answering machine messages and subtle guitar strums that ease into a hypnotic drone. Then they go and muck it up with the slacker anthem, “Lay Your Hands on Me.” Who do they think they are, trying to blend alternative rock with Bay Area cool? I guess we’ll just never understand those beer-swilling, Palin-loving, Puritanical ‘Mericans. Now pass me the spotted dick.

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