I.G.M. / Diego Garcia
Split [CS; Foundtapes]

Chaotic yet cathartic; abrasive yet soothing. I.G.M. and Diego Garcia come together to create a complex and imposing soundscape. Each piece has distinctly its own feel and yet, the two together form a union of harmony and grace within the tumult of drone. Waves of harsh static create a vacuous sense of doom which nearly overwhelms you, but flows into moments of poignant and harmonious tones; a moment of respite amidst the discord like the second of silence between the flash and subsequent roar of a sonic boom. An interstellar maelstrom of sound and tension is created by Ian McColm (I.G.M.), resulting in a balance of turmoil and poise.

A second tide washes over you with the environment created by Diego Garcia. A volcanic eruption at sea—violent fury at its abrupt start—calms as magma meets cold seas with the hiss of steam. The piece undulates between disorder and serenity; grating static which quiets into moments of gentle chirps that fade again to make way for foreboding reverberation which in turn sharpens into acute hums before dissolving into an all-encompassing buzz, drowning out all other sound with their frenzied calls.


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