Invisible Astro Healing Rhythm Quartet
2 [LP; Trouble in Mind]

Genre-specific decals such as “African,” “World,” “Jazz,” and “Eclectic” get thrown into the stew of unidentifiable sounds when they confuse and confound. Somehow Invisible Astro Healing Rhythm Quartet avoid such modifiers, even as their own 2 is truly a stew of those various influences, simmering and bubbling in a hot cauldron of neo-hippy psychedelicism. But it works — man, does it work. It’s the technicolor robes of the Polyphonic Spree creating a “Black Hole Sun” smile to cut across your stubborn face. It’s the soul of the Big Band era without the hoity-toity whiteness of the Greatest Generation dancing while Cold War sentimentality grows. This is the rattle of chaos; music for the rapture. A happy band of cool that plays us down a New Orleans Rue as the white light opens to engulf all of us chosen, because we were smart enough never to lay down pigeonholes for music as varied and ripe as this. Another one of those albums lost on the pile of good stuff 2015 brought. Too bad we are all victims of the list(icle). There’s always a “Top 10 World-like Music from 2015 We Discovered in 2016.” With a rocket strapped to its back.


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