J. Gallegos
Wash OST [LP; Iron Lung]

J. Gallegos, also known as DREAMDECAY, whirls together the most visceral soundtrack experience I’ve had yet with his Wash OST, so intense you’ll wonder why you’re even fuggin’ with Perturbator. Massive wads of sound waddle about like digital ducks, so synth-driven it’s sick, and yet you’ve never heard synths do this. I almost feel paranoid bumping this in my place, what with the strange Miami Vice vibes (or is that in my mind?). The steady blurbs of bass follow you around like a stalker after midnight, lurking in the shadows when you’re just getting home from work after a late night at the orifice. You might say there’s a quasi-carnivalesque aspect to it all, but I don’t want to get it twisted: This is a must-have, whether you like what Cliff Martinez did with Drive or not (though, since I mentioned it, I hear some small similarities here and there), all cinematic SWOOSH and guttural synth, so simple in terms of the tools used to get the job done, so tough for most musicians to grasp no matter how much they scrape their Korgs. Wash OST kicks hard at times but it’s got a soft touch, downright cosmic when Gallegos delves into heavier sequencing and dispenses with any rhythm (for a minute at least). From Mark McGuire to Palm Palm / | \ Highway Chase, there’s an invisible thread you’ll want to grab onto, for dear life before it’s onto the next thing. Timeliness kills talent.

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