Jason Henn
Attention [CS; Self-Released]

Stepping outside of the Honey Radar costume, Jason Henn seeks your Attention. But not through any sort of lackadaisical pun of the quality I just unraveled. Frankly, Attention is a misnomer. A play on words and actions that eclipses any joke I could create. A man and his guitar just playing with thoughts and space. Longer statements of circular logic; a fixation on an idea until it begins to sprout rather than cutting it off before the negatives creep in. There are moments of quiet contemplation — a bit of meditation. Then the unleashed fury of an idea gone haywire takes hold. We can only isolate ourselves for so long, as evidence by Henn’s willingness to share the final product — even if it’s just in a batch of 20 moments of minimalism. Because the white space and those black letters matter. It all matters to someone. Make it matter for you.

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