Jeremy Kelly / Chapels
Split [CS; House of Alchemy ]

The minimalist approach by House of Alchemy is very welcome in regards to this split between guitar phenoms Jeremy Kelly and Chapels. If the tape weren’t queued to run on Side A, it’s likely you’d have no idea who you were listening to, thanks to the tape’s blank green canvas. So ask a friend to fast forward it for a bit, take it out of the console, flip the cassette a few times in a secluded room, then hand it back to you for your listening pleasure. You don’t need to know who it is, just that it’s good no matter the side. But still, there are telltale signs from each: Kelly is more traditional with his half, leaving his guitar to do much of the talking; Chapels is eager to augment guitar passages with electronic maneuvers and field recordings, presenting an equally organic feel despite relying on technological wizardry. Kelly is a one-man show on stage in all its rawness; Chapels is creating music out by the prairie creek, if it were a projection of the matrix. But the point stands, one complements the other, and there is no need for formalities. Blindly pick your dance partner and enjoy the hoedown.


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