Joey Molinaro
The Mephist [CS; Auris Apothecary ]

Dare I say Joey Molinaro marries solo strings/noise/exp. to stripped-down An Albatross metal by way of Husk Records? Not sure where else to go with this, so that’ll have to do. Absolutely drilling when it wants to be, Mephist also dabbles in enough noise-splice to qualify as… potential Load Records status, if I’m being honest. Produce these guys a little better (or don’t; I’m cool with that too) and shit could get epic. We’re talking Daughters-level grindcore guitar slides beneath the tape-gunk murk, hiding in plain sight, double-bass blasting away into the night. Quite a lot of surprises gift-wrapped inside this same-program-both-sides cassette, from the label that loves you long time. Still copies around too, though never for long if AA’s past is any indication.


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