Jonas Reinhardt
Palace Savant [LP; Further]

I can’t feel guilty about Palace Savant being sold out before I even review it because it happened so quickly considering its Sept. 18 release date. Folk in the Know don’t hesitate to buy up the product Further brings to the market, and I don’t see any reason why a repress wouldn’t be on the horizon so I think we’re good. There-there now, what is young Jonas Reinhardt, of Constellation Tatsu/Kranky/Not Not Fun fame, up to these days? To me it sounds like he’s diving into the techno resurgence like a 12-foot-deep hotel pool. But it’s a much more abstract situation than that, and I apologize for sullying his wonderful record with such a crass genre tag because Palace Savant, when all is untangled, resides closest to the Editions Mego, specifically via sub-label Spectral Spools, galaxy. And that’s a specialized, incredibly tough egg to crack if you’re coming up as an experimental musician (of course Reinhardt is seven years and as many releases, at least, in, so that means a lot). Reinhardt gets there by juxtaposing synth patches with static smears of sound that serve as mist over a swirling, heaving sea. It’s lazer-tag time; neon-greens/-blues, robots, lights flashing in rhythm with the audio, minds hypnotized by the linear, mathematical sound-tiles that, without warning, are bent by Reinhardt like pieces of warm playdough. The lazers win out, however, as they must. I’ll admit there’s a ton of competition in this field in the UK, to the point that a lot of worthy 12-inch efforts are being buried like body parts amid the deluge of quality electronic-/techno-/house-fueled material. I could see this affecting Reinhardt if he were overseas, but now seems a prime time to strike paydirt in the U.S., where efforts in these genres in particular seem, to me at least, a lot more fragmented and halfhearted. Prove me wrong, people! With Palace Savant as a fuse let’s light this shit up and show those Brits what trippin’ on electronic mind musick is all about! Further is located in Seattle, too, which is beyond perfect. I’m confident all will come together as I’ve foreseen. Until then the many synth squiggles of Reinhardt and a select-few peers, many of them on, you-guessed-it, Further, will have to do on this side of the ocean.

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