Journey of Mind
Oil Burner [CS; Constellation Tatsu]

NEW AGE! I knew it was upon us. All those late-night infomercial warnings, those tactful 30 second breaks in the mid-90s interrupting all the distorted three chord angst and rap-rock hybrids. The world is coming to an end. The Mayan prophecy is fulfilled. Marshall Applewhite. Jim Jones. Carrot Top. Oil Burner is the sound of a world purged of BP, Goldman Sachs, and Halliburton. Fuel returns to the core to rejuvenate the world. Wait, I’ve written this review before. Maybe the world’s already reset; maybe I’m trapped in the matrix. I’m doomed to repeat myself. Space. Galactic. Psychedelic. Sounds like… four words… first word… It’s getting so tiring. Let’s be simple: You’re going to grip Oil Burner, because it’s as real as I’m being with you right now. It might lean a bit too new age for its own good — 80s keyboard interlaced with the odd field recording and electronic nodule — but it’s chill, ripe to place in the cassette player on that fateful December day. You won’t be witness to anything the next day but relaxing diversions from all the bad social media jokes and 24-hour news cycle bullshit about Mayans and cultists and fanatics, which will lead you to Oil Burner. Just as Journey of Mind designed it.


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