Junior Pande
Tape Three [CS; Spring Break Tapes]

Summer? Check. Sunglasses? Check. Hydraulics in whip? Missing those. And actually I don’t really have any sunglasses. So then, can I properly appreciate this third installment of instrumentals from Toronto producer Justin Peroff? Almost— At the very least I can listen to and enjoy the crunchy bass hits, dreamy synths and swishy noise that scrape at the sides of these beats. Especially nice is the variety you can find on Tape Three, wherein Pande might pound or he might step softly; the rhythms here feel tailored to either a seedy underground hip-hop club or maybe (oddly enough) the ballet or a ballroom, something more refined and classy. In either instance you’ll find Junior Pande to be a living, breathing organism allowing for a plethora of textures to operate in tandem to produce bombastic head-bangers or wistful whimsy by way of clockwork precision. Some tracks lumber a bit longer than needed, but mainly those function more as agents of whetting the appetite than anything else: what IF some amazing emcee decided to spit a verse? A tantalizing proposition indeed, and what should be a challenge to Peroff — You’ve got what it takes… so take it.


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