Kam Kama
Passer​-​By​/​Joseph Stride [7-inch; Sister Cylinder]

Shimmering indie-rock can survive compression, but I often wish it didn’t have to. The edges of Kam Kama’s “Passerby” seem sanded off, lying flat a tune that could have garnered a lot more momentum from a little dust and/or mud, or maybe something simpler like opening the drapes to let the light in, so to speak. I’m not saying they should cloud up their mix, just don’t pancake that shit. The uptempo nature of the cut rescues the day as quick-pickin’ guitar, delivering what seems like a faster take on a Johnny Marr riff, steps into the forefront and drives the composition home. Very twee-ish, with vocals straight from an Apples In Stereo classic. Nothing wrong with that, in itself, and “Passerby” navigates the possibilities of the preceding adequately. “Joseph Stride,” a lesser exercise with a slow flow, reminds me of Three Mile Pilot, the manipulation of the upper reaches of the bass player’s frets particularly Zach Smith-y. I’d say overall “Stride” doesn’t survive the harsh production, too much of a slow grower to take well to the vitality being sucked from it.


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