Kevin Drumm
Primate [CD-R; self released]

Boredom is the mother of invention. Once the steady trickle of novel media to consume runs out, and cigarettes, alcohol and gas in the car (and maybe some food) are taking precedent over new tapes, the time for revisiting arrives. Commentaries on old DVDs start to look very attractive, dusty books are dug out of boxes, and the cuticle shredding process of record digging begins.

Try this: listen to Primate once at a normal distance from the speaker, at a sane volume, all of that. Beautiful, no? Now play it again, but lay on your side, one ear to the ground (or the bed or the sofa) and with your back to the sound system. Now, if you are lucky enough to have something portable and capable of considerable volume, put it in your bathroom, crank the volume, and listen to Primate again from the other side of the closed bathroom door. Your penny-pinching creativity will pay off; three distinct pieces of muscle twitching, bone ringing, sonic aggravation emerge. This process is guaranteed to keep you entertained for at least two hours and piss off whomever shares your living space. It’s a win-win, really, and this is the added bonus: you get to listen to Kevin Drumm.

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