Khaki Blazer
Coco Nara Deezer [LP; Experimedia]

I heard Khaki Blazer’s Aspirin Mask CS, on Centre Tapes, awhile back so I knew this kid Pat Modugno had chops, but Coco Nara Deezer makes an even larger bootprint on the face of jarringly chaotic anti-dance electronic music. Modugno is a member of the illustrious Moth Cock, mind you, so his credentials are secure. And yet this is another artistic layer, a less-crowded closet of cuckoo clocks and jocular jukes from one bubbly, beat-driven section to the next. Those beats, by they way, represent the tractor beam that will continuously pull you in as you imbibe Coco Nara Deezer, at least for me. I can zone out to a thousand sounds, but nothing grounds a set of electronics like a pulsating BOOM-BOOM that both organizes the cash-register clicks/clacks and offers a bass-heavy foundation to move that body to. Not that you’ll be moving ‘dat body all that much. This is experimental music for headz that be In The Know, or at the least those plugged in to the mainframe of someone that is. Think big, think bouncy, think playful, while at the same time thinking: ZzzzZzzzZzzzZONE WARP!!! And so one; you get me, right? With all the choices floating out there on BandCloud and SoundCamp, it can be almost depressing how little unity there is between factions/scenes. Why not show your solidarity by supporting Khaki Blazer and, by extension, everyone’s favorite underground-music enterprise, Experimedia? Maybe it’s the holidays getting to me but I don’t see any reason we can’t rally a bit in 2017 (even if this record, still available at, came out in 2016). Make it happen, slappy.

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