Kicking Spit
Reality Dropout [CS; Tankcrimes]

Kicking Spit ain’t what I’ve come to expect of Tankcrimes, and I’ll just come right out and say it: Most of you, if you read this limited-edish column, won’t be reading it to discover musics such as this. However, that’s exactly why I’d like to shed a little light on this hard-workin’ motherfucker. “Reality Dropout” is the first of two tracks repeated on both sides, and it’s a strangely reassuring swipe at Barlow/Dino-Jr. that doesn’t provide quite enough squelch to accommodate its earnestness. The presentation is nothing to sneeze at though, gritty and lo-fi in a manner many indie vets in their forties will appreciate. “Gone” lets metal cut into its purity a smidgen and is less convincing, despite the fact that it contains the freak-out that would have been so welcome circa “Reality Dropout.” This brand of rock isn’t my bag these days; if it’s yours, by all means pursue it.

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