King Tears Bat Trip
King Tears Bat Trip [LP; Debacle]

With no less than four percussionists, a tenor sax and the lone guitarist being outfit binder Luke Bergman, the intimidation factor of King Tears Bat Trip’s debut self-titled is immediate. The ability to actual swallow and digest two long compositions (one per side) on a psychedelic picture disc which hypnotizes and scares with each rotation…it’s a large order for even the most ironed stomach avant noise gourmand. Yet the rhythm of all these drums is a different animal from the throwaway spice of ‘tribal’. Not to say that us whiteys won’t immediately claim such an identifier for lack of a better term, but when you let the drums hit your intestines (in the midst of “Elevenogram”) you’ll find it like a fine bourbon that has a sting in the throat but a welcomed warmth as it spreads throughout the body. Soon your stomach becomes your libido, the drums as sexual as they are a soothing drone. Lip service also is deserving to Neil Welch’s tenor saxophone, which is unafraid to be the main course as necessitated but works best when it is often paired with the whole of the album’s breakneck rhythms. What KTBT’s self-titled amounts to is immensely fancy plating with a down home, comfort food taste. Behind all the fancy pageantry and ferocious distortion are recognizable melodies that will fill your belly and nourish the soul.


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