Koi Pond
So Higher [CS; Sonic Meditations]

Deep into the Koi Pond you stare, atop the highest mountain of waste. Carefully, you poor two bubbling potions into a cup floating on the cool pond water. The raging liquid subsides, you reach in as koi flee from your movement and raise the damp cup with both hands to sip it. It’s real calm at first, and the fish begin to communicate with you in air pockets surfacing upon the water. They want out, but have no intention of a viable escape. You blink and the mountain side is curling around your toes. Shoes are gone. Myst and clouds develop a layer of valley below and surrounding you. Yelling into the abyss crumbles a distant mount during its echo, and you walk back to the Koi Pond. So Higher is your internal mantra as the pond changes from unnamed color to unnamed color. The fragility of your environment becomes apparent, and you end up in the water|out on the clouds|on the peak|So Higher|ibex horn in hand|flushed of meaning|tumbling into bushes|hanging by your nail tips|resting inside a cave|biting your nail tips red. You take a bigger sip.


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