Kristy And The Kraks
Smile [12-inch; Totally Wired]

I love me some Kristy And/Or The Kraks, as the lady runs a helluva label and puts out great music in her own rite. Smile is a mod-ish, clod-hopping exploration that reminds this grizzled reviewer most of Jennifer Gentle circa Valende (it’s on Sub Pop so there’s no excuse for having not heard it; true genius) and maybe Back Magic by dint of its minimalist approach to songcraft. Just a guitar and drums mostly, along with those upper-tier vocals that sell the whole package. I feel like French indie-rock must also play into this, and I’m not sure why (perhaps Kristy will clarify this and I can make the changes to this review in true revisionist fashion?); is that my imagination? Also standing out is the attitude. It’s not quite bombast and not quite sarcasm necessarily; it’s more like a general surreal feeling that permeates every pitter-patter of tambourine and guitar jingle-jangle. My favorite cut is “Haunted,” which would be a great intro track for, say, a crime drama or something similar that is trying to have a little fun while it devastates viewers with buckets of blood. Remember, I said shit is SURREAL; got it? Don’t be surprised when Kristy turns the tables on you and Smile ends up soundtracking your worst nightmares.

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