Black Highways and Green Garden Roads [CS/LP; Fixture/Sophomore Lounge]

Where Lantern’s last album, 2013’s Rock and Roll Rorschach was top notch bar room rock, Black Highways and Green Garden Roads is the fresh hit the band had long been teasing on the tips of our tongues. But three years of acid washing hasn’t eroded that dirtier, grittier side of Lantern. BHAGGR is Manson and Airplane, not the Smothers Brothers and The Turtles. It’s the light and dark of drugs, even if Lantern shoot as straight as an arrow and fly into the sun. It’s these dirtier moments when the cassette version shines brightest. When Lantern traverse the Rainbow Road, the Leary-esque beauty sings on vinyl. Yes, having copies on both mediums seems a bit strange, but to fully get the experience of BHAGGR, it’s worth the expense. I mean, you tried to sync up 4 CD players to listen to Zaireeka, I think you can splurge for the tape and the vinyl. One travels better in your busted sedan, anyway. And you’ll need Lantern wherever you go, experiencing their embrace when shit hits the fan. The dark psych-wop of Lantern’s latest twist will comfort you when you eat in on Dead Man’s Curve.


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