Lasse Passage
Stop Making Sense and Start Making Success [2x12-inch; Self-Released]

Collecting four volumes of a series can always seem a chore of fruition — both for artist and listener. How do separate ideas fit within the context of one concrete object, and is it worth the journey for the ADD addled generation most apt to devour music in morsels rather than one family style course. Hopefully you are gifted a sharp mind and blessed with endurance because Stop Making Sense and Start Making Success is well worth the long road. Exquisitely packaged and yet simplistic in said window dressing, the music within mimics the same balance from gorgeously layered drone to stripped pop-folk. And each volume, while serving a special purpose and able to stand on their own, are best held in one grand square. But that’s the fun dichotomy at play throughout Lasse Passage’s biggest musical moment. Things that seem to stack on each other; sounds, ideas and presentation that sway at the gentlest breath, somehow tumble into place rather than crash and scatter. It’s the same talent similarly minded artists from a decade ago (The Robot Ate Me, The Microphones/early Mount Eerie) were able to deliver. The difference is Lasse Passage has released this music beforehand, so expectations could precede. But it’s likely that you have not heard THIS music before and that’s for the best. You’ll want to embrace it wholly, despite a run time and four trips to the phonograph that will make you think twice. But each trip grows easier and more eager, because Stop Making Sense and Start Making Success is the goods. The real good shit. The same innocent beauty captured by its ancestors with all the surprise and intrigue that eradicates those distracted moments of modern living.

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